Tapping Through

To Your Success

With Andy Bryce, Founding EFT Master


Are you struggling in an important part of your life? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and under pressure?

Do you procrastinate when making plans?

Do you want to eliminate worry, stress, and self-doubt?

Then you’re in the right place! 


Personal Sessions

The Heart of Receiving

With Andy Bryce

Andy Bryce, Founding EFT Master

Creator of “The Heart of Receiving’

Andy is a masterful EFT practitioner with a true gift for helping and inspiring others. With his insightful wisdom, kind compassionate heart, and gentle sense of humour, he provides a safe, caring healing space for his clients, ensuring that they feel heard, understood and accepted, while guiding them to work through whatever challenges they may face.

During our sessions, he has helped me to release painful, debilitating symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, overcome intense public speaking and flying phobias, resolve and heal distressing issues of my past, and effectively work through life’s challenges whenever they have arisen.

Andy empowers his clients with the tools to heal and inspires and supports them to live life fully and authentically, in health and happiness.

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