Tapping Through To your success with Andy Bryce 

Do you feel certain that there is another way to live but you just can’t find a way to get there? Are you feeling drained and unsatisfied with your life? 
Do you put 100% into your business, career, job or relationship and get much less than that back? Are you fed up and ready for a positive shift to a life that feels fulfilling and rewarding? 
Are you someone who does what has to be done while others walk right by? Do you take responsibility for everything and then resent that it’s always down to you? 
Do you panic when you have to write an exam or when life gets intense? Does everything you know evaporate just when you need it most? 
Is willpower your go-to system to create change? Willpower means that part of you wants to change and another part of you doesn’t and that conflict keeps you in Yo-Yo Land. 
The Art of Receiving is a group experience that takes you through the barriers that you may not even know that you have to clarity about your unique issues to acceptance of them and from there to actual measurable changes. 
Individual coaching with Andy includes EFT as well as his unique approach to life, mBraining, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Resonance, a powerful sense of humour and over thirty years of experience with energy, emotion and how to get the most out of what you have. 
“Andy is a masterful EFT practitioner with a true gift for helping and inspiring others. With his insightful wisdom, kind compassionate heart, and gentle sense of humour, he provides a safe, caring, healing space for his clients, ensuring that they feel heard, understood and accepted, while guiding them to work through whatever challenges they may face.” 

I am Andy Bryce 

Family Realignment Specialist 
PET Practitioner 
You can contact me by emailing andy@tappingthrough.com 
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