Andy is a masterful EFT practitioner with a true gift for helping and inspiring others.  
With his insightful wisdom, kind compassionate heart, and gentle sense of humour, he provides a safe, caring healing space for his clients, ensuring that they feel heard, understood and accepted, while guiding them to work through whatever challenges they may face. I have known Andy for many years, as a skilled and intuitive practitioner, teacher and mentor. He has been instrumental in guiding me to successfully resolve and transform an array of challenges. During our sessions, he has helped me to release painful, debilitating symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, overcome intense public speaking and flying phobias, resolve and heal distressing issues of my past, and effectively work through life’s challenges whenever they have arisen... read more > 
Andy empowers his clients with the tools to heal, and inspires and supports them to live life fully and authentically, in health and happiness. Patsy Anthony Author of "Tapping With Children: A Guide To Teaching EFT to the Children in Your Life". It’s no exaggeration to say that my life has changed dramatically since working with Andy Bryce. I have escaped the restricting thoughts and habits that used to hold me back and leaped forward into a world of light and opportunity. 
I now enjoy amazing and exciting relationships, I have the time and resources to do the things I love, and have transformed my business so that I am now the master, rather than it’s slave. Andy asks the insightful questions that ensure you discover the right direction to take and gives you the tools to manage the challenges of your journey. If you are experiencing despair, fear or pain in any area of your life, book a session with Andy today. You won’t regret it. - Dean Mance 
There is a reason Andy is called a Master….because, he quite simply is! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him over the past few months and every session gave such insight and realisations as to what’s been holding me back. I believe the word ‘profound’ is often overused but my last session (for now) really was profound. He mixes his unquestionable knowledge, extensive experience, gentle approach, intuition and humour in perfect measure. If you want to make changes to your reality, Andy is your man. My sincerest thanks to you. - Louise K Shaw 
With Andy’s help, I was able to change my life story. I had felt unloved, unlovable, and just plain sad most of my life. Through his deep listening, extraordinary intuition, and EFT tapping, Andy has helped me reframe, re-remember, and resolve several of the tales I’ve told myself. I have had deep resolution with my parents, I have replaced terrible memories with more neutral ones, I have started to accept myself lovingly and unconditionally, and I continue to explore closer relationships with my other family members. - Beth Syverson Music Director 
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