Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Assessment. 
Many of my clients arrive wanting to deal with issues that they have had for a long time. They judge themselves for not getting over it by now, being childish, or weak and many other harsh internal judgements. They may even have felt judged by others they have worked with or are close to. 
The first thing I work for is to reduce the intensity of their self-judgement, how could they be different than they are, given the experiences and the lack of support when they needed it. I want my clients to feel validated and accepted as they are before they change. 
If you are aware of an issue that you want to release or be free from, the first step is to accept that it is a part of you and there are reasons for it being so. 
I put is it this way; there are four stages to produce change; 
The first is to be aware of the issue, the second step is to accept that it exists for a reason, so that you can examine it rather than hide it or suppress it, then once you can see the issue clearly you can decide on an action to take, a step towards changing, and then the fourth step is to assess the results of the action. Was it effective? Did it work? Then the cycle repeats, Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Assessment. 
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