mBIT Coaching with Andy Bryce 

Latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains! 

And the consequences are far reaching! 
Do you feel frustrated by conflict between your thoughts, feelings and actions? 
Do you have trouble following through with even your most exciting ideas, goals and plans? 
Is making wise decisions a problem for you? Do you ever procrastinate? 
Do you long for a better connection with your deepest inner self? 
Over the last ten years, research in the field of Neuroscience has uncovered that we have complex, adaptive and functional neural networks, or ‘brains’ , in our heart and gut regions.  
Called the cardiac and enteric brains respectively, these neural networks exhibit memory, intelligence and adaptive processing – they learn, change and adapt. For example, with around 500 million neutrons in the gut, the enteric brain is able to perform a number of vital functions and competencies that go way beyond mere digestion. And not surprisingly this explains why we intuitively know that we have a ‘gut wisdom’ that we ignore often at our peril. 

Neuroscience meets Ancient Wisdom 

Yes, the heart and gut have their own deep intuitive intelligence and what’s amazing is that we’ve known about this for thousands of years. Now finally science is catching up and validating what wisdom traditions have been saying for millennia. So yes, we have three brains, and each of them brings to life it’s own form of intelligence and it’s own set of prime functions and core competencies. Your multiple brains also communicate with one another, and can be aligned or not-aligned. 
By listening to understand your three brains, you are able to recognise where they are out of alignment. You know that feeling when you’re really inspired to do something, but a gut feeling stops you from acting on it? Or where your heart says one thing and your head says another? Or perhaps you made a decision – but it just didn’t ‘feel right’? This means your brains are not in alignment, and it’s only when all 3 three of your brains are aligned that you will move forward in the way you truly want. 
mBIT discovered that each brain has an essentially different form of intelligence; they use different languages, have different goals and operate under different criteria. In other words, your head, heart and gut have different ways of dealing with the world, communicating and addressing their own concerns and areas of expertise. Grant Soosalu has created mBraining through extensive and continuing research and is the co-author of “mBraining, using your multiple brains to do cool stuff” www.mbraining.com 
Using methodologies from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Linguistics and Behavioural Modelling, and informed by the latest Neuroscientific discoveries, the field of mBIT has structured a powerful system for communicating with and integrating the wisdom and intelligence of your multiple brains. How well your multiple brains communicate and operate with each other is vital for congruence, success and happiness. 
It can be life denying when your brains fight each other or ignore each other, and on the other hand, it is incredibly life enhancing when your multiple brains work together to produce wisdom in your life. If you’ve ever ‘lost heart’, been ‘gutted’, had a powerful gut reaction, or felt deep intuitive messages from your heart, then you’ll immediately see exactly how pervasive the intelligence and the influence of your multiple brains can be! 
To experience how mBraining can help you connect with your own inner wisdom, align your multiple brains and live with Creativity, Compassion and Courage, Contact Andy Now! 
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