Tapping Through

To Your Success
With Maxine and Andy Bryce


Welcome to tappingthrough.com, where we transform struggle, pain and frustration into creative flow on a daily basis.  Our clients feel heard, release the weight of a lifetime and step into their true power.


If You’re Ready to Start Tapping Through to Your Success, we can help you:


  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Live Your Life Passionately and Authentically

  • With the Courage and Motivation to Achieve Anything You Want!


Are You ready to discover and dissolve the patterns that have kept you:


  • Stuck 

  • Frustrated

  • Going around in circles and

  • Searching for answers?

There is another way!


So get ready to step into your creative flow, start living your life, rich with fulfilment, passion and satisfaction.

What if you felt connected to your heart’s desire?

What if you heard a new, positive voice in your head?

What if you could see your ideal future with clarity?

Imagine feeling confident, clear and proud of achieving your goals!

So why haven’t you solved this already?


  • You get so far and lose it again

  • Change is hard to maintain

  • It’s too complicated

  • No one has ever fully understood

  • Change doesn’t feel safe or comfortable

  • Being different will cause trouble because people near you will resist the change if it threatens their comfort zone   

“There are two sets of hurdles to clear in personal growth; the first set is inside you and the second is in those people closest to you”.  A.Bryce.

Maxine’s sessions literally changed my world.  Our first session together was a revelation.  Maxine made me feel totally safe and without judgement. She is also extremely perceptive and highly sensitive which allows her to understand and automatically tune into what’s really going on with you.

She really listened to me and supported me through what I can only describe as a metamorphosis.  For that I shall always be grateful. I would strongly recommend Maxine as a practitioner, – indeed I had seen several counsellors and therapists over the years, none of whom made any lasting real change to my way of thinking and being.

Maxine however is a game changer and her methods gave me the tools I shall always carry if I need to work on any issue in  my life. That’s empowerment!

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Natasha Grey

Andy is a masterful EFT practitioner with a true gift for helping and inspiring others. With his insightful wisdom, kind compassionate heart, and gentle sense of humour, he provides a safe, caring healing space for his clients, ensuring that they feel heard, understood and accepted, while guiding them to work through whatever challenges they may face.

During our sessions, he has helped me to release painful, debilitating symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, overcome intense public speaking and flying phobias, resolve and heal distressing issues of my past, and effectively work through life’s challenges whenever they have arisen.

Andy empowers his clients with the tools to heal, and inspires and supports them to live life fully and authentically, in health and happiness.


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Patsy Anthony

Maxine Bryce has successfully assisted thousands of people to achieve dramatic and lasting change. 

She has a rare talent for spotting and transforming often unconscious patterns that have kept her clients stuck with issues including;

Anxiety – Stress – Burnout – Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking. 

Maxine’s insightful and empathetic approach empowers her clients to make real, lasting positive change.  Her signature programme is called STEPS Breakthrough Training. 

Andy Bryce, Founding EFT Master, brings a wealth of practical experience and humour to his work. 

He has a unique ability to clarify even the deepest issues and facilitate change in an entertaining way. 

Andy’s clients report seeing immediate and lasting results, as well as feeling understood more than ever before, because of his high level of acceptance and compassion. 

Andy’s signature programme is called The Heart of Receiving.