Equestrian Performance

S.T.E.P.S.© Coaching with Maxine Bryce

Confidence in Your Performance is not just a matter of mindset – it’s so much more than that!


Do you train hard for a competition only to go blank on the day?


Before or during an event do you experience any of the following?:


  • Butterflies in your stomach

  • Nausea

  • Muscle tension in specific parts of your body

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Doubt

S.T.E.P.S© Coaching with Maxine will help you consistently improve your riding results.

Before you compete do your thoughts go to any of these?

“What if I can’t remember it?”

“What if it goes wrong…again!”

“Am I good enough?”

“It’s all too much!”

I began working with Maxine as I had got to a point with my performance anxiety where it was crippling my enjoyment of the sport I truly loved. I had been on the World Class Pre Podium Squad for 10 years 2003 to 2013 and during that time achieved many successes at National and International level.

Due to circumstances out of my control, I lost my place on the squad and I experienced life-changing health problems resulting in me being at an extremely low point in my life. I then made the decision to move 160 miles to be based with my trainer Angela Weiss with my horse Laddie in the hope of regaining my place on the squad to aim towards my goals. The past five years I have spent re-educating my reactions when riding and my general skill.

One area that had become obvious was my need to improve my mental approach. I make it no secret the reason behind my lack of obtaining my goals was my lack of self-confidence and ultimately self-worth. Life has been very testing and difficult and throwing my rare disability into the mix I just was not in a good place. I approached a fellow para-dressage rider Amanda Shirtcliffe as I had noticed she had really upped her game and her performances were improving with great success and she put me in contact with Maxine.

I really needed help on my mental approach to sport as I suffered hugely with competition nerves including my lack of confidence in the warm-up. My performance was hugely affected due to my lack of emotional control and rock-bottom confidence. The more the competitions meant to me the more I suffered from the nerves so my performances were not reflective of my ability or my horses. In my day to day life anxiety controlled a lot of my life and I found it really debilitating. I had come so far but felt I needed help to get my career back on track.   Over the past five years due to life becoming difficult I wasn’t competing as much as I wanted to and these life blows caused huge anxiety.

Working with Maxine has honestly changed my life and most importantly my mindset. I feel I can fully trust and confide in Maxine without fear of the information being repeated. Maxine has an amazing way of making you self-assess and work towards an understanding of your thoughts, fears and emotions. During my time with Maxine which is around 6 months. I have competed at 2 major championships, an international and I have gained personal bests. In fact, I achieved a personal best after just one session.

My relationships with those around me have improved and my home team is the best it has ever been. I have also improved my career and gained a better job to help fund my dressage career. The EFT techniques have been pivotal in regaining my focus and helping to get myself in the zone for competing. The EFT has also developed my relationship with my horse Laddie and we have built our trust as I feel I have a better understanding of my heart and gut. I have had comments and compliments from people who have noticed a change in my approach. Angela Weiss World Class Para Dressage coach, “Emma has found a missing link between mind and body.”

Working on my core values has been a real ‘light bulb’ moment as it has interlinked the things that are important to me in order to keep me confident in all aspects of my life. Maxine has helped me to develop effective strategies to cope with testing situations in order for me to react in a way to reach a resolve or understanding. The EFT has helped to control my neurological pain in my arms which has caused me to really suffer in the past. The biggest difference in my life is that I am enjoying my life so much more and I feel excited about my future and my capabilities limitless. I owe a lot to Maxine.

Emma Kent

Para Dressage Rider

Even if you’ve had all the expert training you could possibly get and you’re still not where you want to be, Maxine can help you clarify and clear the obstacles in your way, no matter where you are on your path. Maxine accelerates the learning curve through plateaus, which shortens the time spent at any given level of performance.

If you experience anxiety before you ride and it increases with the importance of the event, you can be sure that your horse is feeling it too.  Managing your mental and emotional state in a positive way not only helps you, it brings you and your horse into harmony for the best ride.

As a para-dressage athlete, I wanted to improve my competition performance. EFT was something I had not previously considered until a friend suggested Maxine may be able to help me achieve better results. I was sceptical to Skype with Maxine but willing to give it a shot, at the very least it couldn't do any harm!

In just a few short sessions Maxine has transformed the way I think, train and prepare for competitions. My neuromuscular degenerative disease affects all parts of my body and prevents me from leading a normal life but Maxine has given me the confidence and the tools to continue battling with my body and adapt and overcome the challenges that I now face.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maxine to anyone who is struggling with their performance in the saddle.

Since I started having Skype sessions with Maxine my scores are now consistent and I have smashed my original sporting targets. My results have been recognised by Team GBR and in Dec 2016 I was selected onto the Para World Class Podium Potential Programme ~ thanks, Maxine!

Amanda Shirtcliffe

Para Dressage Athlete

Maxine helps you discover and dissolve blocks to performance enhancement which can often be caused by


limiting beliefs

past experience

emotional triggers

or dependence on willpower

Some people depend on willpower for their success. Willpower indicates an internal conflict where one part of you has to overpower the other. For example, your desire to win can overpower your self-doubt and just as likely, your self-doubt can win the battle. Either way, you lose time and energy engaging in the battle that can be used for your performance success when you are fully aligned.

Even though every high-level athlete on the world stage knows that 20% of success comes from physical training and 80% comes from mental preparation. My approach integrates the latest research in neuroscience about how the brain, body and emotional states powerfully influence each other which produces the change in cognitive, emotional and behavioural performance.

Maxine’s Story

In my first career, I was a professional dancer. I had huge anxiety about auditions – even the thought of going to an audition produced paralysing feelings, and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t relax.

Even though I was consistently successful, performing in shows and on television around the world -having the actual experience of success still didn’t change how I felt inside!

This led me to my journey in personal development, and I learned that I’d been running specific unconscious internal strategies that stopped me from being how I wanted to be when it mattered most.

I was really grateful to be able to transform those old patterns and so happy with the positive results of those changes that in 2000 I decided to become a practitioner and performance coach and help others.

Along the way, I have worked alongside Olympic Coaches in the corporate environment, and many senior executives were referred to me because of my ability to understand the powerful mental challenges.

In addition, I have the benefit of knowing the impact of intense emotions – both positively and negatively. I am also clear on the value of harnessing the power of positive emotions.

When I’m not working, my passion is for Agility (which evolved from show jumping) so I understand the pressure of what it’s like to compete in the arena.


I look forward to helping you get the changes you want in your riding performance. Click here to contact me directly. 

Equestrian Performance

S.T.E.P.S.© Coaching with Maxine Bryce