When you make a decision or a choice in your life today you make it with all of the information that you have in this moment. You make the best with the tools you have. 
You always did this. As a child, as a young adult, you made choices and decisions based on the information that you had at that time. Judging yourself now for the choices you made in the past is often made from a new perspective, with information that you could not possibly have known as your younger self. 
Punishing yourself for the ‘bad’ decisions you made in the past is cruel and misplaced, did you learn from those decisions, have you grown from the consequences of your choices? 
If you did learn and grow you can benefit from acknowledging that and seeing that you did the best you could with what you had and now you do better because of it. 
Ruminating on the past can ruin your life today because you miss the opportunities that today offers. You see what you are looking for. So look for the good that came from failures and disasters instead of reliving the bad moments that are only alive because you feed them. 
Start fresh every day, leave yesterday behind, except for the new insights you’ve gained from those events and you will create better todays and tomorrows. 
You have always done the best with what you had and you have more to work with every day. 
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