I was on a mentoring call recently and the person I was working with expressed strong self-doubt was a frequent thought and it took her down and out quite often. 
At first, I thought the Gratitude List might help to shift her focus but then I realized that being grateful is about the external life, such as a home or a partner, not something we have achieved that we can look at and say wow, yes, I did that, at least I did that today. 
So for those of us who have self-doubt as a regular visitor to our thoughts, I recommend writing an Achievement List every night before going to bed. 
It is best to write the list, as keeping it in a journal will be beneficial. One, it is concrete, there to refer to later and also in my experience writing is done with one part of my mind and reading is done with another part and the communication of the two parts is more than double the value. 
The purpose of the exercise is to establish a regular conscious thought pattern that reminds us that we have done good things. 
When we have self-doubt we filter for all the things that prove we are not good enough and completely ignore the good enough things. 
This exercise can redirect the attention to focus on even minor events or personal achievements no matter how small in order to build a habit of positivity. 
The non-conscious mind works 24/7 running its programs and if we want to change our behaviours we will need to change the programs which will take conscious intervention to update and align the conscious and non-conscious minds. 
I enjoy being a detective searching for the clues to the behaviours that seem automatic and unwanted, such as “Why do I do I still do that?” If you would like to be free from your old patterns, contact me for a chat to see if I can help you discover and change the mental and emotional drivers that have been there so long they may feel like they are “just the way I am.” 
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