The Art of Receiving 

Over ten years ago I created the Art of Receiving course which combines the Law of Attraction and EFT. I had been aware of and working with the principles behind the Law of Attraction since 1985 and I saw how many people were putting so much into their lives, in their relationships, careers and their creativity and getting very low return on their efforts. 
I realised that most of us have baggage from our past, family, culture, religion, education and peer pressure that we assume is a fact of life because it’s been with us for so long and that we are emotionally attached to. These are core beliefs. 
Most Law of Attraction courses use similar perspectives and often expect the participants to be at a level of ability to start where the course does. 
I see that while there are generic rules that apply to human mental activity, we are all unique and our beliefs and experiences influence our ability to utilise the information. 
This online group tapping series will help you find your starting place and from there you will maximise your results using EFT and other creative tools. 

Dates & Times 

The next available session begins on October 6th at 2 pm BST* 
The dates are... 
October 6th 
October 27th 
November 3rd 
November 24th 
December 1st 
December 22nd 
January 5th 
January 26th 
*all sessions will be at 2 pm BST in this series. 

Registration Includes: 

Eight 90 minute sessions = 12 hours tapping 
Email contact with me between sessions 
FB private group membership 
Recordings of each session 
Two sessions per month - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays for four months 
£180.00 prepaid 
Once registered I will send you the access details to the course. 
We will cover all of these areas: 
Emotional wellbeing 
Andy Bryce is one of only 26 Founding EFT Master Practitioners, since 2000, he has trained people in 15 countries to use EFT. 
Andy combines tapping with humour, heart and a strong understanding of the Law of Attraction. He has a unique way of explaining the principles and making them relevant to each person. 
Once registered I will send you the access details to the course. 
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